Thursday, August 30, 2012

Testing 1,2,3...

Since I am a very busy homeschooling mom, I MUST be able to blog on the go. So I am testing out the blogger app from my iPhone to see how well it posts and how easy it is to upload a picture. Here goes.... First post with a pic. One of my latest creations I did for a baby shower. Well, I say my creation , but I actually saw some like this on pinterest and fell in love with them. Hmmm... Wonder how you post a link using the blogger app?
Anyway, this was so fun to make. I did not follow a tutorial, just saw some photos of something like it, and knew I could have a little fun making this cute little baby!
Made of:
baby wash cloths
Receiving blankets
Sippy cup w/ straw
Ice cream bowl (found at target in the dollar bin)
Card on a skewer
And some fluffy balls from the craft section
Also the big pink cardboard basket was in the dollar bin at target.
To make the bottom of the bucket full I shredded some good ole' paper shopping bags (which the handles always break off of when I try to carry my groceries in them). That's another story...
But I think this turned out so cute! And it was a hit at the party. Maybe not the most expensive gift there, but it was the most crafty one there! And the mommy to be did get a picture holding the gift , so i'd say she appreciated the thoughtfulness and the cuteness of it too!

Welcome to Mandy's Corner!

Well, I am so happy to join the blogging world! After many years of online businesses, and lots of creative ideas running through my head, I have decided to jump on in head first! 

So , for starters, I am going to be posting all things homeschool ( for record keeping purposes). And I may throw in some creative projects that I happen to do along the way, and who knows what else ! =) 

Even if I am the only one to ever read this blog, at least I have a record of what I've been up to for myself! And my darlin' baby girls , who are 4 and 5 and into all things princess at the moment. 

I've heard that you can print your blogs out at the end of the year, so that's not a bad reason to do this either! I'm thinking I will scrap the scrap booking and just go ahead and have a book made of the blog each year instead! 

Time saver?? Maybe...