Saturday, November 24, 2012

Duck egg!

I'm super happy about this little table! I had seen this beautiful color in my friends house, on piece of furniture she had painted, and just couldn't take my eyes off of it. The paint she used was duck egg blue chalk paint.

So I instantly knew what I was going to do with the 80's style table that I had snagged off our local freecycle group.

And the ideas started swarming through my head as to what I would put on this table... But first I had to get the table painted. I went right to the computer to find out that this beautiful Colored chalk paint was pretty pricey! About 35.00 for just a quart of paint. Then, they have all the brushes and wax that they recommend you use, as well.

Now, I will hand it to them that the paint does go a long way. And the color is the perfect bluish-green, and can be hard to match (as I found out by experience...or, experimenting). You can probably guess what happened next. I totally tried to make my own version of Duck Egg Blue chalk paint!

I found a recipe online (clicke here) for chalk paint and got a couple colors from my local Farrell Calhoun paint store. Their paint is awesome! It has great coverage and it's now my favorite paint. So I had them match Halcyon Green (from Sherwin Willimas) and another sample site of Enchanted Evening ( Farrell Calhoun color).

The Halcyon green was supposed to be real close to Duck Egg, according to this site (click here). But, I personally found it to be much more yellowish-green. So, I went to mixing the enchanted with halcyon and after my second try was able to get an almost a perfect match!

I did end up using my friends leftover duck egg paint on my piece , because I want to be able to refer back to it in the future when trying to get the exact match. I will post pics of the piece I plan on painting with my own concoction.

But for now, here is the piece I used the actual duck egg blue chalk paint on. As well as a pictures of the Christmas display that I dreamt up to go along with it.

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